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Welcome to BizzWeb, your all new ADSL and Hosting Service


We are your new proud ISP offering bandwidht on SA's most stable back-bone for home and business. Shaped or unshaped up to 40MB/s. We can manage your Telkom ADSL line, re create ports and stabalize lines without waiting hours on hold. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your requirements 



We offer LTE packages with sim cards and LTE devices at competitive prices.

From 250MB to 24GB per month.


We can take over your Telkom ADSL line at the same price as Telkom. We can reset and stabalize lines without calling any call centre.


ADSL packages from 1MB/s to 40MB/s from 1GB to uncapped unshaped data. Month to month and no contracts

Custom Hosting


Custom hosting from R29/m


Add your domain to one of our Exchange servers


Get custom email addresses and access to your own CPANEL

WiFi and Modem Installs


We will gladly come and install your modem and set up wifi throughout your whole house, connect Apple TV and Netflix streaming and Smart TV's to the new setup

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